Problem Solvers

Solving Problems becoming Partners

ISUMO are able to design suitable network structures, build in resilience and capacity, enhance security and availability, troubleshoot existing problems; we cannot predict the future of your market or business.  We’ll be there working with you to adapt your infrastructure to meet the new reality or the desired future.

What We Do:

  • Quickly analyse, understand & identify root cause
  • Establish best immediate course of action & longer term options
  • Implement solutions with an eye to future proofing it
  • Mesh the Problem resolution with the long term Solution & the Strategy
  • Become a trusted provider and Strategic Partner by delivering

What You Get:

  • The Business Impacting Problem resolved in a timely manner
  • A clear understanding of the root cause & the long term solution
  • Delivery of long term solutions that reflect identified strategic need
  • Independent and focused commitment to your Network needs
  • A Strategic Partner that wants to fix problems & reduce their existence
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A Case Study

Cashflows are an FCA approved electronic money institution with a sophisticated, cloud based solution to all manner of electronic payment processing –  dependence on technology is high, with specific need for security and availability. ISUMO are a key technology partner.



Compliance is key - achieving it brings peace of mind and new revenue



Secure in the knowledge that an expert team is monitoring and fixing 24x7

Situation, Intervention & Outcome

The Situation

“ISUMO have helped bolster Cashflows’ already impressive security and service resilience by introducing enhanced device monitoring, maintenance and support 24×7 and undertaking a number of relevant upgrades – giving us extra peace of mind.  “

ISUMO Intervention

VMWare upgraded to relevant version, SAN Storage modified to increase resilience and capacity, implemented Certificate Authority, Network switches upgrade (capital expenditure) configured to resilient structure, implemented VMotion, additional offsite back-ups and network monitoring & support from ISUMO.

The Outcome

Cashflows pass their PCI audit with flying colours and have the systems in place to ensure that they will ongoing.

Download Care Package Details

The Care Packages offered by ISUMO are per device and come in 3 flavours – Essential, Preferred and Elite. We are confident there is a package to suit, but if not we can create a bespoke care plan.

We can achieve loads in 30 minutes with a hot beverage and an open mind – call/click to book a no obligation, no sales chat


We have very talented and experience people capable of solving all manner of Network issues – try us – we love a challenge

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