Hybrid Cloud Solutions

ISUMO offer dynamic hybrid cloud solutions to manage resources more effectively, maximise your existing infrastructure and unlock new operational efficiencies.

Isumo’s Hybrid Cloud services allow you to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of Cloud environments while keeping elements of your infrastructure in-house.

We want to make sure we supply the right solution for your business whether it’s physical, virtual, on-premise or off-premise, private Cloud or public platforms we will design and supply a tailored package for your organisation that is dynamic, flexible and scalable as and when you need it.

Hybrid cloud benefits and use cases

Hybrid cloud is about maximizing workloads in the best environment and managing costs. It’s not necessarily all about public or private cloud, but how to orchestrate both. The AWS outage in late February demonstrated how helpless many companies became by having all their eggs in one cloud(y) basket. In addition, despite the public cloud’s touting of cheap services, costs can quickly get out of control, as Snapchat admitted in February.

A hybrid cloud environment doesn’t solve the problems of cost management and uptime visibility by itself. Multiple providers mean multiple bills and more costs to manage. The best solution is a fully managed ISUMO hybrid cloud, where we act as a cloud aggregator and manage all your cloud environments for you within a single service. The benefits shouldn’t be ignored: The ability for an organization to see all of its cloud services in one window eliminates confusion between the different providers and gives the CIO more control over their IT spend as well as clear visibility into current costs and uptime.

Hybrid cloud is slowly but surely becoming the new model for IT organizations and service providers. That means a mix of public and fully managed clouds that quickly enable scalability and growth while providing consistent uptime and cost management. For SMBs, the complexities that arise from managing multiple environments can quickly become overwhelming, and it’s most likely more cost effective for them to move their infrastructure to a service provider who can integrate the different environments into a single window. Once that’s done, the business can regain control over its infrastructure without worrying about managing it or maintaining it.

What We Do:

  • Rapid design and installation solution
  • We will secure your sensitive data and operations
  • Cost effective tailored solution
  • We define your cloud strategy, then implement and manage it.
  • A flexible, secure, and scalale approach

What You Get:

  • Empower your business to stay ahead of the competition.
  • A partner who shares your urgency, and can accommodate your needs
  • We take care of everything so you are free to focus on the things that matter.
  • Robust disaster recovery and flexibility
  • Cloud computing gives you greater security
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