Business Internet Access

ISUMO can deliver business only internet with a simple internet connection or a bespoke complex, carrier-grade system to fit your business requirements.

ISUMO provides cost-effective, reliable,  and flexible business Internet access. Complementing our range of other services such as managed hosting, Performance monitoring and managed services.

ISUMO’s business internet service provides your business with the quality, reliability and speed essential for operating your organisation efficiently. We can provide an uncongested business-only Internet access service offering the highest level of reliability that is ideal for organisations that require consistently high performance, 24/7.

ISUMO Options:

Ethernet Internet – 2Mbps to 10Gbps

Ethernet Internet is delivered over fibre cables. It provides the best service level guarantees and can be upgraded easily.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) – 2Mbps to 20Mbps

EFM is a relatively new product. It is delivered over multiple copper lines. It can be installed within 1 month and offers a lower cost alternative to Ethernet.

Ethernet Fibre (FTTC) – 2Mbps to 80Mbps (asynchronous)

FTTC is delivered over fibre cables. The service is relatively new so availability is limited while the service is rolled out. FTTC is asynchronous (faster download speeds than upload).

ADSL – Low cost and installed fast

ADSL is widely available and low cost. Speeds are asynchronous (faster download speeds than upload). ADSL is ideal for backup use of very small offices.

What We Do:

  • Scalable business Internet access
  • A range of connectivity packages
  • Expertise and transparent advice
  • Purpose built carrier grade options
  • A flexible, secure, and scalale approach

What You Get:

  • Cost effective Internet
  • High Performance connection
  • Robust and reliable connection
  • Industry experts
  • Internet designed for your business
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